An example of some of the worlds in Toonspace

"Toonspace is on the path of the winds where the universe begins"

Toonspace (also known as the Realm of Imagination) is an alternate dimension from our own, where Toons originate from. All worlds containing Toons from Disney Media exist, such as Arendelle, Halloween Town, Wonderland, Danville, and Toontown, that are as large as the Movie/Show/Other presents it.

Background InformationEdit

Incomplete Toons arrive at Toonspace as a "Future Toon", that, while similar to a normal Toon, is incomplete in some aspects. If a Future Toon is used in a Disney production, it will be able to travel to the outside world. If a Toon is discarded or forgotten it will go to "The Wasteland", an inescapable land at the very corner of Toonspace. Toons in this realm are confined to their own sectors of origination and cannot cross over other ones unlike their ability to interact in the real world. Only through technological means can travel to various parts of the realm be accomplished.

The only two exits from Toonspace to the real world is the 7th door in The Cog and Paint-Brush, and the long forgotten portal The Dreamfinder opened.


Toonspace was first discovered by Blarion Mercurial, when the Mesmonic Converter opened a portal to the alternate dimension. Over time, when Walt recovered and continued Blarion's work, the lands, cities and worlds from animated Disney films appeared in Toonspace to fit the characters that were created. However, an incident in the 1960s reopened the portal to the Toonspace, where it was discovered that Toons could enter through the portal given their grade of popularity.