A "Toon" is a fictional character or creature occupying both the physical and animated universes. All Toons are created from imagination and people's thoughts of them, enabling them to exist through media and are eventually allowed access to the real world entirely.

How a Toon comes into existenceEdit

When a sketch of a Toon is created, and an idea is formed. A spark of imagination is then created, which makes its way to Toonspace, and becomes the Toon it was imagined to be. It remains in Toonspace purgatory as a "Future Toon" that, while similar to a normal Toon, is incomplete in some aspects such as personality or design.


Before the early 20th Century, Toons were non-existent except in the alternate dimension of "Toonspace", and characters of film and television were nothing but parts of fiction.

In the very early 1900's, a young inventor by the name of Blarion Mercurial made a machine called the "Mesmonic Convertor", which brought the creatures of his imagination to life, the first of which being Figment. The machine also took Mercurial to another dimension, full of imagination. This would be the first human interaction with the universe of "Toonspace".

When a young animator named Walt Disney began to develop a cartoon series, the amount of thought and cherish he placed into creating the main character created an anomaly; his character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, suddenly started to interact with his creator, and had come forth as a living being. This is also due to his research on Blarion Mercurial, and his initial Toonspace discoveries.

Walt decided to hide the secret and kept Oswald concealed on paper, and the only ones to know of this were Ub Iwerks and Walt's family. When Oswald was lost to Charles Mintz and Universal in 1928, Walt decided to start anew and make sure his next series retained the nostalgia of the previous, this time taking inspiration from his imagination as a child. When this happened, Mickey Mouse was created, much to Walt's shock.

While Mickey was successful in promoting Walt's career, more of his characters gained sentience but could not occupy the world beyond the television, so Walt decided to investigate the phenomenon. In his research, Walt discovered the pinnacle between imagination and reality that enabled Oswald, Mickey, and his characters existence because of people's faith in them. In 1963, Walt attempted to find the intermediate between the two to discover how it could be utilized, and perhaps, find the magic itself.


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