Scout is the current apprentice of Master Yen Sid, a music magician of Fantasia, and a vanguard of the musical realms of Toonspace against discord and tyranny.

Background informationEdit

Scout resides in Yen Sid's tower in the world of Fantasia, learning how to master the technique of musical manipulation. Because Mickey was Yen Sid's previous apprentice, Scout feels obliged to try to match his level when Yen Sid taught him in order step up to his level in order to impress him. In her rush to try and perfect her "song" spell, she accidentally created the Noise, a sound-based material that causes strife within the balance of the musical realms. After containing the threat, Scout returned to learning under Yen Sid at a much more patient rate. This has given her time to perfect her own abilities however, and has become skilled in symphokinesis.

Personality and traitsEdit

Scout is impetuous and enthusiastic, although this tends to undermine her actual earnestness in her duties. She does love music of all types and loves to create her own remixes of classical and modern forms. When she makes a mistake, she tries her best to resolve it and make up for things in the future. Scout tends to have difficulty with doing complex tasks or assignments, but she hates to admit it in front of others, covering it up with excitement instead.

Important Stories with ScoutEdit