Protectors of Toonspace is an ongoing story, that takes place in the dimension of Disney cartoon characters. The story is a serialized and episodic way. Storylines can class as seasons and can last from 35-50 role-plays. Spoilers ahead for plot points and whatnot, but this is the definite place to read the stories and get the plotline in its entirety.

The story is a slight spinoff of the Cast Member Chronicles Ongoing Story, and will often crossover and mention themes from it.

Live the Adventure, and Stay Wacky!


Chrona was in jail. She had gotten into a fight the night prior with Donald Duck. At some point Chrona had expected Ember the Inkling to bail her out, but to no avail seemingly.

As she sat in her cell, reading a "art of animation book", a strange musical sound wafted through the air, and a portal made of musical notes appeared in Chrona's cell. As Chrona approached the portal, a hand came through it, and pulled Chrona through the portal.

A dazed Chrona looked around, and noted she was in her house at Inkspire. She then noticed a person standing in front of her, with a red hood over her head. When Chrona inquired as to who she was, the figure took off her hood, and revealed her name was Scout, an apprentice of Yen Sid. A somewhat giddy Chrona begins asking questions about him, when Scout stops her, and tells her that she's there to give a warning, straight from the sorcerer.

Scout explains that Yen Sid has become aware of a new group called "The Horde", and they're responsible for disappearances of various Toons. When Chrona begins to enquire as to who's part of this group, Scout shrugs and feigns ignorance. Chrona proposes that she get together a recon team to monitor the group, and to report back to Yen Sid. Scout agrees, wishes Chrona good luck, and disappears into another portal, to Fantasia.

Chrona proceeds sits at her desk, and begins pondering over which Toons to recruit for her new mission.

Chapter OneEdit

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