Maleficent is the antagonist from the classic Disney film Sleeping Beauty and one of the major villains in Toonspace. She is the leader of the "Horde", an organization of the most twisted and vile Toon evildoers with an ulterior motive.


True to her name, Maleficent is a cunning, twisted, evil and elegant fairy with immense magic and power. Ever since the dawn of Toonspace, villains have always played their roles in genres as antagonists. Maleficent, as one of the most powerful villains, was the first to organize them into their own collective of ultimate chaos.

However, when she was informed of her existence beyond her origin, Maleficent agreed to be the keeper of them, while still being their commander. Although she maintains a neutral (if not begrudging) respect for Mickey Mouse, she will not make things easy for those with good intentions.