Inkspire is a Toonspace world that is home to the Inklings. Unlike most worlds, this world utilizes imagination for interdimensional crossing over, and construction.


Inkspire is not one singular world; rather, it is a collection of various floating island linked together. Its people, the Inklings, operate by nature/steampunk-like machinery and inventions fueled by imagination in order to travel and communicate. The Inklings are relatively few in number, making Inkspire smaller compared to most worlds in Toonspace. However, it is still quite traverse due to a special blimp invented by the Inklings and their leader Chrona.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Chrona's House
  • Olives Island
  • Inkling Workshop
  • Imagination Ink Meter
  • Inkling Theater

Notable CitizensEdit

Modes of TransportationEdit

  • Inter-Dimensional Blimps