Elsa the Snow Queen is the Queen of Arendelle, and one of the 13 Disney Princesses, of "The Princess Academy" high council.


Coming from the Disney film Frozen, Elsa is an immensely powerful Toon. However, she is also humble and reserved, refusing to use her power for harm unless it is to protect others, especially her younger sister Anna. Ever since learning of the existence of the outer worlds of Toonspace, she has vowed to help defend the realms in any way she can by putting her talents to good use.

Post Cast Member Chronicles Season 2Edit

Kyla The Snow Queen confronted Elsa and stole some of her essence in order to steal her appearance. While this plan succeeded, Elsa still tried to stop her from getting away, only to be turned into a fire statue by The Singular, unable to move or use her powers. With Elsa out of the way, Kyla became an exact duplicate of Elsa who took her place in the Disney Parks and as Queen of Arendelle in Toonspace.

In order to prevent anyone from discovering her, the real statue-like Elsa was moved to the Devil Caverns in Wasteland, located in Toonspace, to neutralize her abilities.

Important Stories with ElsaEdit


  • She is the roleplay character of SilverFlight.
  • Elsa appears to have a bitter rivalry with Villainous Toon Maleficent, the latter despising her in return as a potential threat to her diabolical activites.
  • She is not to be confused with Kyla The Snow Queen, who is Elsa's dark counterpart.