"Disney Cast Member Chronicles: Toonspace" is a Disney Fanon/ Roleplay Site, that's set in the worlds of Disney Animated Movies, Television Shows and beyond!

This Wiki is a Spin-Off Wiki to Disney Cast Member Chronicles, be sure to visit there as well!

On this wiki we have stories, and events, so enjoy your stay!

This is a fan site, and is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company


If you wish to join the wiki, you must claim a Disney cartoon character to act as your roleplay character. You can contact Dlrgirl75 and state your character choice, or she can choose for you. If you have permission to use a character you may proceed to make a page for them.

The wiki is admin invitation only, if you wish to apply for membership, please contact Dlrgirl75.

To see full Wiki Rules, please click Here.

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To see latest developments in the Cast Member Chronicles world, please see
Cast Member Chronicles: The Ongoing Story

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