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Chrona is a Toon, who in a similar vein to her uncle, The Dreamfinder, is a benevolent peace-keeper to the worlds of imagination, as she can build and repair Toonspace worlds, which she refers to as "Kingdoms".

Background InformationEdit

While Chrona first appeared in the game Hidden Worlds, she is in reality the niece of Blarion Mercurial. She grew up in early 1900's London, and became a Toon due to an event on Earth caused by "The Brellion Event", and got lost in Toonspace.

By 2013, she premiered in the online game Hidden Worlds, where she attempted to save the toon worlds from a formless creature, known as "Sez".

She has been known to work with her uncle regularly, with research about Toons and Animatronics. She has also been known to help out the Chroniclers.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Chrona is naturally kind to people, and inquisitive about anything that piques her scientific interest. While awkward around strangers and people she hardly knows, Chrona is extremely helpful to anyone that asks her for help or advice.

She also likes to keep a routine, such as working on projects with Her Uncle, Figment, The Inklings, or any other of her close friends or acquaintances.

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